About LeadZen Marketing Solutions

Trade shows are expensive. They can have questionable ROI. Sometimes you have to be there – because your competitors are there, too. But that's all the more reason to be thoughtful and strategic about it. For LeadZen, a trade show is not an isolated event – it's a focused opportunity to promote your business in the months leading into and out of the show itself.

We help you plan, promote, design and leverage dozens of trade shows and events each year. For our clients, trade show marketing starts months before the exhibit floor opens – and ends months after it closes. That's because a trade show isn't just a chance to hang out with industry buddies for a few days. It's a powerful conduit for new business and a brand focal point for specific marketing efforts.

LeadZen develops a trade show strategy for the entire year. Which shows should you attend? Which should you avoid? What kind of presence do you need at each? How can you make the most impact before, during and after the show? And, then, our seasoned trade show and event planning team works closely with you to create a customized booth space that meets your goals and budget. Collateral and giveaways are created. Social media and advertising plans are developed. Everything works together to present a professional, unified appearance – all with the goal of increasing booth traffic, gathering leads and ensuring the best ROI possible.

To learn how LeadZen can help you stand out from the crowd and get the best ROI from tradeshows, connect with us today.