Sales and Marketing are like two sides of a coin. They have both different objectives, but are somehow joined together at the hip to deliver results together. Results that can define the organization's success or failure.Kind of like at the orchestral performance – Sales (Piano) and Marketing (Violin) have their different notes; they have to work together, play to each other's strengths to make sure the orchestra is a success.

Most lead generation solutions today don't cater to these two vital teams. They are either built for enhancing sales performance or getting higher ROIs. LeadZen realizes the two can't be separate. Marketing needs for building a stronger awareness through targeted media planning & buying can not come at the risk of a dry business pipeline for the next quarter. That's why we built the LeadZen Hub – a lead generation management tool that gives Sales the visibility and a pipeline full of verified leads and gives Marketing the flexibility to run campaigns that delivers results.

With LeadZen Hub, your organisation is now in perfect sync to create a symphony.


Solution for Sales

If you are selling in a B2B market, then the key to business growth is the "qualified sales lead." Marketing may track exposures, clicks, visits, lists, eyeballs, opens, attendees, content reads and contacts, but at the end of the day qualified sales leadis all that matters.

So, what is a qualified sales lead?
A qualified sales lead is a confirmed appointment with a decision maker (or strong decision influencer), who needs your company's products or services, and who wants to talk with a salesperson about how they can help.

Once a marketing campaign is put into effect, results start pouring in in clicks, visits and even enquiries. But, most of these enquiries may not result in business. They need to be verified to ensure that the sales teams don't spend their productive man-hours following-up with a web lead that may potentially have no impact on projected revenues.

This is where LeadZen comes in. Through our sophisticated LeadZen Hub, your team will be served only verified leads saving precious hours and resulting in higher sales productivity. Get full visibility of your leads pipeline, track conversations of each and every lead, and access reports on a fully customized dashboard – all through the LeadZen Hub – a lead generation solution built for Sales Excellence.

Increase efficiency for your entire sales team

VP of Sales

You hired your sales team to sell. Any minute they spend doing anything else is counterproductive to sales. LeadZen creates a pipeline of targeted and verified leads so your sales team can go back to closing deals.

Sales Managers

You're responsible for achieving your team's sales targets and the reason for their efficient sales performance. LeadZen helps you keep an eye on your team's performance as well as efficiency; helping your team achieve more.

Sales Reps

Imagine you are trying to fix an appointment for a web enquiry. After multiple follow-ups, the lead is not interested. The problem is real. LeadZen ensures only verified lead reaches you and you maximise your time spent bringing in thousands of dollars of business.

Solution for Marketing

The pressure for Marketing to continuously deliver leads creates further enormous pressure to deliver the next big campaign idea. And, in a B2B buyers' market, your buyer may not be interested or have the time to consumer your big campaign idea. The fact is today's marketing is not the same it was yesterday. But to be continuously adapting while meeting sales' leads quotas is challenging to say the least.

Marketing may have defined the qualified sales lead, but Sales does not believe it to the right metric. Lead scoring is just another bunch of mumbo-jumbo created by Marketing Automation specialists that frankly only serves them.

LeadZen cuts through all this and delivers leads for the Sales team on your behalf. We have been known to deliver more than expected, but never less than what was promised; our years of experience brings that judgment. Get fantastic results for your campaigns that meet industry accepted standards in creative, content and technology. And, you get access and LeadZen's insights to the reports from each campaign – all built in to LeadZen Hub – a lead generation solution built for Performance Marketing.

Chief Marketing Officer

You've built a marketing organisation that can continuously deliver leads to sales team. But, it's never enough. LeadZen works with you to bridge the gap and deliver leads without diluting the brand essence.

Head of Lead Generation

Keeping up with the constant demand for leads is challenging enough; how does marketing verify these leads? Simple answer – you don't. You get LeadZen to ensure that not only your marketing campaigns bring you leads, but verified leads.

Marketing Managers

Be it Events or Corporate Communications, the pressure on other marketing functions to contribute to lead generation is real. LeadZen helps you deliver additional leads in your respective function through some dedicated campaigns to supplement yours.

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