Digital Marketing

Digital marketing today is not just about creating a website or a few social media profiles. Thousands of digital agencies have cropped up in a matter of few years claiming to have a magic wand that will take care of your digital presence. The truth, however, is that regardless of the strategies and techniques the end objective should be to provide the highest return on your digital investment.

With decades of expertise in creating high-performance lead generation campaigns, LeadZen is well equipped to handle your digital marketing needs be at Search Engine Optimization, Search Engine Marketing, Social Media Optimization and Social Media Marketing.

Search Engine Optimization

A popular joke in the SEO circuit is that if you want to bury something you can bury it on the second page of search engine results. That's right. If you've created a website that's only a half job done. The key is to bring targeted traffic onto your website that is interested in your product or service and which ultimately generate sales for you continuously.

LeadZen can put together a carefully-planned search engine optimization strategy for you that takes care of important content usability and metrics that are required to attain (and keep) valuable SEO rankings.

Search Engine Marketing

There's often lot of confusion between search engine optimization and search engine marketing. Many even think that both are the same. In simple terms, search engine optimisation is earned media and search engine marketing is paid media. Think of it as an advertisement on the front page of a daily newspaper as opposed to an article written by the same newspaper.

That said, a lot of data analysis, audience targeting and keyword performance parameters have to be carefully tested analysed and if necessary iterated rapidly allowing for faster optimisation and better results. LeadZen does this and more. In addition, we ensure the lessons we learn from search engine marketing campaign directly informs our SEO program.

Social Media Optimization

In the traditional advertising world, a newspaper would be part of your media mix to ensure your communication reaches your audience. In today's day and age, social media directly brings the audience to you. This means the onus of attracting the audience falls entirely on you.

Being a 360° integrated marketing services company, LeadZen has the right set of expertise that could not only help you to choose the right social media platform to reach out to your potential audience, but also to create engaging content for that audience on a regular basis. Working in tandem with digital PR and search engine optimization, social media optimization can bring more traffic to your websites, and ultimately grow the business.

Social Media Marketing

Just type in social media marketing into Google and you will see millions of results throw up telling you about thousands of social media marketing strategies. More than half of it is not relevant to your business, your target audience and their interests.

At LeadZen, we believe in the power of social media connections. With the help carefully-planned campaigns, a bit of great copy and design expertise, social media marketing could do wonders for you by connecting you directly with the buyer/influencer.

Learn how to LeadZen could work together with you to create and amplify your digital presence, connect with us today.