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4 June

25 Things to A/B Test for Lead Generation

A lead generation campaign can't be optimized without performing A/B testing. Learn 25 things that you can A/B test to deliver great results for your campaign.

When it comes to lead generation, the more you test, the more you know. You can't optimize your lead generation unless you test it first. But many marketers don't know where to start with testing—you need a clear plan of attack.

The two most common types of tests are A/B and multivariate; you can run either (or both) on your lead generation programs.

  1. A/B testing, or split testing, compares the conversion rates of two assets (such as landing pages, emails, or website pages) by splitting the traffic or email send between both, and then comparing results.
  2. Multivariate testing compares a much larger number of variables, and produces more complex information. With multivariate testing, you can compare a combination of multiple designs, CTAs, imagery, and copy choices.


In this blog, we will talk about the 25 things you can A/B test for your lead generation campaigns.

1. Change your CTA text on your buttons to see which word or phrase converts the most visitors.
2. Vary the location of your CTA button—make some more prominent than others.
3. Test different colors, shapes, and sizes for CTA buttons on your website.

4. Test gated content against non-gated content. Find out which gets more downloads and whether users are willing to fill out forms.
5. Test how your content is displayed. Do users prefer to scroll down the page, or click through to another page to learn more?

6. Test different headline texts. Try headlines that are more straightforward, goofy, or creative.
7. Test paragraphs vs. bulleted lists.
8. Test shorter vs. longer copy on your website, emails, and landing pages.

Visual Media
9. Test different types of imagery on your landing page—people vs. products vs. illustrations are a good place to start.
10. See how stock images stack up against images of your employees or customers in action.
11. Test auto-play against click-to-play.

12. Test the length of sign-up forms.
13. Try asking for different information in your form fields.

Mobile Site
14. Try different displays and navigation options. Blinds, buttons, and blocks are a good place to start.

15. Test the headlines on your paid campaigns to see what gets more clicks.
16. Try changing the display URL on your ad.
17. Try different landing page variations—copy, image, CTA, and form.

18. Change the size and placement of your social icons to see what compels users to share more often.
19. Test different images in social ads.
See which ones get the best results.

20. Test length and copy of your email subject lines.
21. Test personalized vs. un-personalized emails by using the recipient's name in the subject or email text.
22. Find the optimal time to reach your audience by measuring open rates on different days of the week and at different times.

23. Test different page designs and messaging for new vs. returning visitors.
24. Test auto-filling form fields related to a visitor's site location.
25. Create seasonal or location-based offers and test them on visitors living in specific locations.

Sometimes, these A/B tests can seem overwhelming. But, every time they reveal an insight about your campaign. LeadZen has helped many organizations get the best out of their campaigns by A/B testing and multi-variate testing. To learn more and see how LeadZen can help your organization A/B test the next campaign, contact us here.